City Harvest Network

Pastor Chuck Salvo

Pastor Rod Parsley and Pastor Chuck Salvo Pastor Chuck Salvo, a member of City Harvest Network and the Senior Pastor at On Fire Christian Center in Louisville, KY, recently visited Pastor Rod Parsley and World Harvest Church where he shared this incredible testimony that we know will encourage you:

“A SEED opposes an attack to where it cannot prosper. Pastor, the devil tried to stop our school six months ago when I thought we had a $75,000 deficit. At that time, I wrote a $1,000 check to plant to World Harvest Church. While I had the check written, I had yet to put it in the ground. However, the next day someone handed me a $41,000 check. Six months later our school year finished and as it turned out, we didn’t need $75,000. We needed $41,000…the EXACT amount of the check that was given to us the day after I decided in my heart to sow.“

“The POWER of a SEED!!! It stopped Satan’s attack from prospering. Not to mention in those six months we were able to put new carpet in the church, we put $35,000 into our sound system, we put $30,000 into our foyer and we put $90,000 in the bank for our new gym. And on top of all that we were also able to give $16,000 to Uganda to complete our orphanage. My God…the POWER of a SEED! I pray this testimony encourages pastors. Our God is more than enough!”