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What God does is done forever …
and He is doing something new for you!

This is the season for a fresh start – a new beginning. 2018 is the year that New becomes Now, and Now is Forever. Send your prayer needs and request your prayer cloth – and let’s believe together for your forever healing and victory!

Pastor Parsley believes God wants to do a new thing in your life!
  • “8” is God’s number for new beginnings …
  • “8” turned on its side is the symbol for infinity …
  • Prayer Cloth 2018 – when your New becomes Now, and Now is Forever
Pastor Parsley, Bishop George Bloomer and “Real Talk Kim” Jones–Pothier will pray for you during our November 11 Miracle, Healing and Victory Prayer Cloth Service – and they will be joined by thousands of men and women of God from across the globe in anointed intercessory prayer over your prayer cloth and prayer needs.

Following that service, Pastor Parsley will send you the prayer cloth – saturated in anointing – conveying the same kind of miracle–working power as the cloths used by the Apostle Paul in Acts 19:11–12.

Through this simple point of contact, you can experience miracles of:
  • Physical healing
  • Deliverance from addiction
  • Depression or demonic oppression
  • Restoration
  • Financial breakthrough
  • And more!
Please request your prayer cloth and give a seed–faith gift for your miracle today!

Yes, Pastor Parsley!
I want the tangible transfer of God’s anointing in my life. I’m believing God for a new beginning and “forever” miracles! Please send me a prayer cloth.

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