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Change Your Season

2019 is the year for a change of season — from lack to abundance, and more!

And when you honor the greatest Seed of all, Jesus Christ, who came and died for us by sowing your very best seed ... you can change your season in 2019 and give birth to a miracle!

1 seed accelerates your 9 months when sown in the right season of 2019.

Just as a seed starts the miracle of birth in a pregnant woman nine months later, your one seed today can instantly and supernaturally complete your cycle of giving birth to a miracle!

But it all starts with a seed. And it has to be your best seed, to honor the best Seed God sowed for us.
Yes, Pastor Parsley!
I am believing God to unleash a torrent of blessings into my life as I sow my 2019 Resurrection Seed in gratitude for the Gift of His Son Jesus Christ!

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