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Rush emergency help and hope to
Victims of Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael made landfall as the first Category 4 hurricane to touch the Florida Panhandle, with 155 mph sustained winds – just 1 mph below the Category 5 designation.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said at a briefing that so many families across the region have lost everything. “This morning, Florida’s Gulf Coast, Panhandle and Big Bend are waking up to unimaginable destruction,” Scott said. “This hurricane was an absolute monster.”
  • At least 2 people have lost their lives due to the storm, and officials worry the number could rise as crews struggled to gain access to ravaged areas and sift through piles of debris.
  • An 80 MILE stretch of I-10 was closed Thursday due to mass devastation and debris. Many more roads were closed, and 90 percent of the Tallahassee was without power.
  • Two hospitals in Panama City had to be closed down and temporary facilities had to be opened to receive those who were injured by the storm.
  • Nearly 1 MILLION people lost power: 400,000 in Florida and another 4500,000 in Georgia.
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