Information for Former WHMA Members

Q: Where can I mail in my donations and application fees?
City Harvest Network
PO Box 316
Columbus, OH 43216-0316

Q: Who do I make my checks payable to now that WHMA has been absorbed by City Harvest Network?
Please make all checks or money orders payable to City Harvest Network to insure your donations and payments are received and credited timely.

Q: My current credentials are with the World Harvest Ministerial Alliance and expire soon (or have recently expired). What do I need to do to renew?
This is the most noticeable change by existing alliance members as WHMA renewal applications are no longer being processed. The good news  for existing ACTIVE World Harvest Ministerial Alliance members is that they are currently eligible to be grandfathered into City Harvest Network. There is no application fee for active WHMA members who desire to transfer their credentials to City Harvest Network.

Q: How are my monthly contributions being used?
As you have likely observed over the years, Dr. Rod Parsley is passionate about two main things: winning souls and helping the hurting. 100% of monthly contributions received are designated towards these two areas.

Many TEAM CONNECT churches choose to make these monthly contributions as part of their missions designations.

Either way, you can find joy in knowing that your monthly contributions are supporting humanitarian relief projects through Bridge of Hope and winning souls by planting new life-giving, spirit-filled Pentecostal churches in America and around the world!

Q: What is the difference between ordination and licensing?
Ordination credentials are available to ministers who serve in full-time ministry and their primary source of income is from ministry sources. Licensing credentials are available to individuals who serve in part-time ministry and/or their primary source of income is from non-ministry sources.

Q: What is the main difference between an INDIVIDUAL and TEAM connection?
TEAM connections are available for those seeking ministerial credentials for themselves AND recommended members of their ministry team. It is especially designed for executive leaders. Team credentials are issued in the team’s name and remain valid while the individual is employed/affiliated with that specific team. Teams contribute a percentage of their monthly ministry income to maintain credentials, which may be considered a contribution to missions. Email info@cityharvest.network to learn more.

INDIVIDUAL connections are available for those seeking ministerial credentials for themselves. Examples might include itinerant ministers, chaplains and evangelists. Credentials are renewed monthly until cancelled by the individual. Individuals contribute a percentage of their monthly income to maintain credentials.

Q: What do I need to do to set up my Monthly Contributions and remain CONNECTED to this ministry?
Firstly, pray and ask the Holy Spirit what percentage of your personal income (Individual CONNECTions) or ministry income (Team CONNECTions) He would have you contribute to City Harvest Network each month.

Many prefer the ease and convenience of setting up their monthly contributions to be given automatically each month from their banking account or their debit/credit card. There are three main ways you can give to City Harvest Network:

  • Online: GIVE NOW to make your secure contribution to City Harvest Network.
  • Smart Giving: Using your telephone, text the amount you wish to give, followed by CHN to 45777. For example, to give $100, you would text $100 CHN to 45777.
  • Mail-In: You may mail in your checks or money orders to:
      PO BOX 316
      COLUMBUS, OH 43216-0316
      Please make all gifts payable to City Harvest Network.