Because of you, City Harvest Network, Bridge of Hope, World Harvest Church, and Breakthrough have continued ministering help for today and hope for tomorrow, nationally and globally, during this most unprecedented time.

Through your partnership, our world-wide work continued, making 2020 one of our most influential years to date. Together:

We called a nation back to the cross of Jesus Christ, challenging 100,000 people to “Meet Me at the Altar.”
Nationally, we distributed 2.3 MILLION meals to families in over 50 cities impacted most by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Globally, our Bridge of Hope outreaches crossed a lifetime milestone in Sudan, Pakistan, and every nation abroad, providing over 32 MILLION meals around the world to date.
In Pakistan, we have provided life-sustaining drinking water for the first time in multiple villages, planted 37 churches, and equipped pastors with 26 brand-new motorbikes to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a 98% Muslim nation, winning over 53 THOUSAND SOULS to the Kingdom to date.
We provided over $337,000 in scholarships to train the next generation of World Changers at Valor Christian College.
This holiday season, our Big Give outreach provided Christmas to over 60 THOUSAND families across all our campuses and in partnership with several community organizations including The Women’s Clinic, where we have saved over 11 THOUSAND babies from abortion since 2008.
The legacy of three-decades of broadcast ministry has produced more than 16,000 Breakthrough programs — with 3,588 individual broadcasts this year alone. Every day, on major worldwide Christian television networks, and through the Internet, to nations all over the world, you are sharing the Good News.
All of this is only possible because of friends and partners like you.

Thank you!

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